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Cardiac & Vascular Care

State-of-the-Art Health-Care, Delivered from the Heart.

Our state-of-the-art Cardiac Centre has treated patients of all ages; from 1 day-old child to an 88-year-old. Our committed team of cardiologists, surgeons, and anesthetists allows patients to have highly personalized care. It specializes in the treatment of complex cases-cases often refused by other centres and its intervention rates are in line with internationally - recognized gold standards. Our patients always have the reassurance that they are receiving the most appropriate care.


  • Adult Cardiac Care:
  • Paediatric Cardiac Care
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  • Two Well Equipped Cardiac Operation Theaters with Linear Air Flow
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  • Dr. Sunil Karna
  • Dr. Kushal Pujara
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Patient Testimonial


My son Harikishen was named as a token of gratitude to Shree Krishna Hospital. My wife had had 22 miscarriages and we had almost given up hope of delivery when we were referred to the Hospital. Despite several complications, my wife delivered a healthy baby boy thanks to the doctors and staff at the Hospital.

– Mangalbhai Parmar, Biplad, Anand