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Cardiac & Vascular Care

State-of-the-Art Health-Care, Delivered from the Heart.

Our state-of-the-art Cardiac Centre has treated patients of all ages; from 1 day old child to an 88 year old. Our committed team of cardiologists, surgeons and anaesthetists allows patients to have a highly personalised care.It specialises in treatment of complex cases-cases often refused by other centres and its i tervention rates are in line with internationally - recognised gold standards. Our patients always have the reassurance that they are receiving the most appropriate care.


  • Adult Cardiac Care:
  • Paediatric Cardiac Care
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  • Two Well Equipped Cardiac Operation Theaters with Linear Air Flow
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  • Dr. Manish Tiwari
  • Dr. Mahesh Bhatt
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Patient Testimonial


My son Harikishen was named as a token of gratitude to Shree Krishna Hospital. My wife had had 22 miscarriages and we had almost given up hope of a delivery, when we were referred to the Hospital. Despite several complications, my wife delivered a healthy baby boy thanks to the doctors and staff at the Hospital.

– Mangalbhai Parmar, Biplad, Anand