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Cosmetology (Skin & Dental)

Good Health Inside Out.

Scars were removed using a laser. Teeth fixed with orthodontics. Wrinkles are reduced by plastic surgery. At Shree Krishna Hospital, we understand that good looks are as important as good health. This is why our experts use the latest in medicine and technology to help you face the world with confidence. We make sure that every one of our patients leaves completely happy and with a bright, white smile on their faces. We provide Dental Care with comfort and a friendly environment.


  • Skin And VD
  • Dental Care
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  • NABH Accredited Labs & Imaging Services
  • NACO & NABH Accredited Blood Bank
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  • Skin
  • Dental
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Patient Testimonial


My son Harikishen was named as a token of gratitude to Shree Krishna Hospital. My wife had had 22 miscarriages and we had almost given up hope of a delivery, when we were referred to the Hospital. Despite several complications, my wife delivered a healthy baby boy thanks to the doctors and staff at the Hospital.

– Mangalbhai Parmar, Biplad, Anand