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Minimal Access Surgery

Less Pain, More Care

General Medicine

The Department of General Medicine is well staffed with senior faculty and strengthened by knowledgeable junior faculty and helped by visiting super-specialists. It is supported by a full fledge critical care centre with 100 closed ICU beds with centrally-monitored ICUs with modern equipment and manned round-the-clock by an intensivist, experienced doctors and nursing staff. Well-equipped Trauma Care Center and Mobile Cardiac Ambulance Unit support the Critical Care facilities. Medical ICU and IMC handle all medical emergency and routinely perform intubation, CVP, etc and provide ventilator care & ICU hemodialysis. The Department has facilities such as latest ventilators, bed-side echo and sonography machine. It is also a participant in "code blue" - an emergency hospital response team.

The department also provides out-patient departmental services on weekdays and emergency services round-the- clock. It is well supported by NABL-accredited laboratory services and radiology services including Colour Doppler, multislice CT Scan and MRI.


The Department of Surgery has fully-equipped operation theatres with laparoscopic equipment, laparotomy set, ventilators & cardioscope with defibrillator, pulse oxymeter, etc. Diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopies are performed under the endoscopy clinic which is equipped with state-of-the- art video endoscopes, gastroscopes, colonoscopes and side viewing duedenoscope. Additionally there are sophisticated equipment for Neurosurgery, Urology, Vascular surgery, Onco surgery, Plastic surgery and Paediatric surgery. A 100-bed Critical Care Centre manned round the clock by qualified Intensivists takes care of the critically ill surgical patients.

Patient Testimonial


My son Harikishen was named as a token of gratitude to Shree Krishna Hospital. My wife had had 22 miscarriages and we had almost given up hope of a delivery, when we were referred to the Hospital. Despite several complications, my wife delivered a healthy baby boy thanks to the doctors and staff at the Hospital.

– Mangalbhai Parmar, Biplad , Anand