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Women & Child Care

A world-class hospital that gives birth to hope.

At Shree Krishna Hospital, we understand that becoming a mother is one of the biggest dreams for a woman. Our facilities for women and child care are one of the best in the country. Aided by a group of experts and support staff, we ensure that every aspect of a woman and child's health – from pregnancy to pediatric care to menopausal support – is looked after.


Infertility Clinic: The clinic offers guidance and information to those couples who are having difficulty in conception or have infertility.

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  • The team of experts includes experienced gynecologists and pediatricians
  • Accredited diagnostic services
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  • Obstetrics & Gynaecology
  • Pediatrics
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Patient Testimonial


My son Harikishen was named as a token of gratitude to Shree Krishna Hospital. My wife had 22 miscarriages and we had almost given up hope of delivery when we were referred to the Hospital. Despite several complications, my wife delivered a healthy baby boy thanks to the doctors and staff at the Hospital.

– Mangalbhai Parmar, Biplad, Anand

I am really grateful to Hospital’s Woman and Child Care team for helping me through my pregnancy and delivery. I received excellent care before, during, and after my pregnancy, and all my concerns were addressed very patiently by the team.

– Dr Anusha Prabhakaran, Karamsad,