Extension Centers


The activities can be divided into two broad areas viz. Extension centres and the service projects The work being done in each of these two areas are summarised below.

Extension Centers :

There are 5 Extension Centres manned by medical and paramedical staff to cater to the referral needs of the community in the Anand and Kheda districts of Gujarat as listed below:

Number Location Distance from Shree Krishna Hospital Taluka District
1 Anand Agricultural University 11 Kms Anand Anand
2 Agas 7 Kms Anand Anand
3 Bhadran 25 Kms Borsad Anand
4 Petlad 17 Kms Petlad Anand
5 Sevaliya 70 Kms Thasra Kheda

Most of the centres were actually health centres/hospitals run by the local trusts/NGOs/Government institutions in past. But as they could not manage the respective health centres/hospitals well, they were handed over to CAM for effective administration and management. Thus, the infrastructure for the centre is provided by the trust representing the community and CAM provides the manpower, logistics, and technical inputs for providing quality healthcare services. A fixed amount of financial contribution is provided by the trust/NGO/Government institution on a yearly basis for three of the centres to meet the expenditures of running the centres.

The services available at each of these centres are described below:
Services Centre
Sevaliya Bhadran Petlad Agas AAU
Medical Officer Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Physiotherapist Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Dentist Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Consultant Visits Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Pharmacy Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Laboratory Tests
X-Ray Yes Yes Yes No No
Ultrasound Yes Yes Yes No No
Operation Theatre Yes No No No No
Figure 1: Anand Kheda district map showing the Extension centres and Extension Programme Villages where the Cancer Prevention and Care Programme (CPCP) is being implemented