Past Projects

Service Delivery Projects

1) Sparsh Nidan :

Patients screened positive through CP & CP camp , further confirmatory diagnosis like mammography and biopsy are done at lower cost.

Thereby these highly sophisticated and expensive diagnostic tests are provided at a very reasonable cost.


Survey Projects

1) Burden of injury survey and trauma trainings-University of Massachusetts :

Aim 1 : Burden o f Injury Assessment
  • To undertake a burden of injury assessment in the Anand/Kheda districts served by CAM.
  • Sample of 5,200 village households from EPD household database.
  • Utilize Data Collectors and VHWs to conduct a community-based burden of injury.
  • Determine incidence, mechanism, treatment patterns, impact, location, and outcome of injury for each member of household over last 3 years.
Aim 2 : Prospective Trauma Registry
  • To establish a sustainable comprehensive trauma registry at SKH and its extension centres.
  • Build upon pilot registry to determine inclusion criteria, variables to be collected, data collection methods and interface.
  • Hire dedicated Trauma Registry Executive.
  • Generate QI initiatives based on early registry data.
Aim 3 : Trauma Training
  • To train healthcare workers at SKH and extension centres in essential trauma triage and stabilization.
  • Identify or create training programs within existing and developing infrastructure.
  • Integrate trauma training into UG and PG skills curriculum.
  • Conduct pre- and post-training surveys to measure efficacy of educational intervention.
2) Man v/s Machine Study for Verba l Autopsy- Centre for Globa l Health Research(CGHR) , Toronto :

National and international policy makers, public health officials, and medical personnel need information about the global distribution of deaths by cause in order to set research goals, budgetary priorities and ameliorative policies.

Verbal autopsy involves collecting information about symptoms (including signs and other indicators) from the caretakers of deceased in some population of interest, and inferring the cause of death.

This comparative study would help in understanding whether man or machine autopsy, which one could be a better long term solution considering major factor of time and money.