Bring Hope To Underprivileged & Poor

As we are located in a rural area, and since most of our patients are from villages and largely of insufficient means, the services of Shree Krishna Hospital are offered at subsidized rates. These rates often do not cover even the cost of basic treatment.

The community shares a part of this burden with their donations. The constant support of the community has encouraged the hospital to institute an extensive freeship programme, enabling those with meager resources to obtain full or partial concessions from treatment charges.

Last year alone, the hospital provided such concessional treatment amounting to Rs 700 lakhs (over US$ 4 million) benefitting more than 40% of the patients admitted to the hospital. The freeship programme draws its strength from the donations received from generous contributors to this worthy cause. A trust - Savitaben & Hirubhai Patel Memorial Foundation, founded by community leaders and headed by the Mandal's present Chairman Dr. Amrita Patel, has joined hands with the hospital to raise funds to meet the cost of treatment for needy patients.

You are invited to support these efforts and donate generously. Remember that your contribution is helping a malnourished pregnant woman to deliver safely, an underweight infant to fight for his life, a blind man to see and a cancer patient to live in hope.

Pay for the underprivileged in your village

This scheme presents an ideal opportunity to Non-Resident Indians to contribute to the place they call home. A one-time contribution ensures that some, if not all, of those in the villages requiring hospitalization, but not in a position to pay, are taken care of, free of cost. The amount could also be paid annually if so desired. The amount of contributions, depending on the number of patients that a donor wishes to pay for, is given to those contributing to the scheme who would be entitled to recommend patients to the hospital for indoor treatment, which would be provided free of cost.

Pay for a bed

The scheme enables the hospital to maintain a free bed in the general ward throughout the year. An annual contribution of Rs 150,000 (US $3,500) or a one-time contribution of Rs 20,00,000 (USD 45,000) ensures the provision of such a free bed.

Revenue Grants

In addition to the schemes mentioned earlier, revenue donations to meet everyday expenses would help the hospital accommodate many more poor and needy patients, and would be gratefully received.

Contribution to the Corpus Fund

One of the ways of ensuring annual support to indigent patients is through contribution to the Corpus Fund. There are funds available for general patients as well as for such specific conditions as cancer and congenital heart diseases. Corpus contributions are also invited towards meeting the cost of blood made available to patients through the hospital's AD Gorwala Blood Bank.