Help The Accident Victims

The rapid development of road infrastructure and the greater capacity to own a vehicle has led to a considerable increase in the number of road traffic accidents. The hospital's Shapurbhai Patel Trauma and Emergency Care Centre, the only such well-equipped facility between Ahmedabad and Vadodara, see at least 200-250 such patients every month.

It is our experience, many of these accident cases are not those driving vehicles themselves, but victims of rash driving and not at fault at all. And most of them are from economically disadvantaged sections. They are often brought to the hospital unaccompanied by a relative, and this makes treatment decisions difficult. They are also economically disadvantaged, and most of the treatment they require, involving mechanical ventilation, CT-Scan, MRI, or higher-grade antibiotics, is costly.

While the hospital has always received, treated, and stabilized such cases, it incurs a substantial cost in doing so.

One of the measures of success towards the achievement of the Mandal's vision is its ability to treat all patients who come to the hospital, irrespective of their financial condition. To help it achieve this, the Mandal seeks contributions for treating accident victims. While the treatment cost is contingent on the condition of the patient and the kind of treatment required, the average cost of treatment is estimated at Rs 50,000 (USD 1100).